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07 July 2008 @ 07:43 pm
So, I've got most of this week off of work. Not going into details as to why, but it has to do with something related to time and a Tardis. I'm going to be spending some time working around my folks house, at least the mornings. Then my afternoons will be spent with friends. Yay.

So here's to wake up calls.
02 July 2008 @ 01:39 pm
Well, not to say that I never update this journal, but it seems to be that it's only been over the summer when I've updated. It's now been just one week shy of a year, 51 weeks. So it may seem that this is just a yearly journal. Nothing special, and nothing great.

Anyways, this last year has gone by just like nearly any other year. Interestingly, amazingly, and boringly. About when I last posted, I was moving back in with my folks. Saving money on rent seemed like a good idea then. Now it's been a year back with the folks, and the gas prices have continually climbed, and now I'm thinking that living a half hour from anything isn't the best way to save money. Especially when you only get around 15 miles to a gallon. Most of my debts are nearly paid off, I see more money coming my way, and things are looking all the more likely to turn out that I'll be moving back out of my parents house.

A friend of a friend who became my friend has moved in with me. He's using my sister's room now that she's left to go back to school. He's nearly got a job, and once that happens, and we figure out where he'll be working at, also once he's getting money again, we can start taking time looking for a new apartment or place to live.

This'll be nice to live closer to everywhere that I go. Work. School. Friends. And more. No more driving 20 miles for 30 minutes to get anywhere.
07 July 2006 @ 03:50 am
Alright, I just got back from seeing Pirates of the Carribean, Dead Man's Chest. That was an amazing movie. It was a whole lot of fun, with great humor, action, effects, storyline, character developement, action. I tell you, the good times just kept on rolling, :) -literally. I mean, after so long you'd think someone would just puke, but I guess they're pirates and sailor and so are used to the sea. I want a ginormous octopus as a pet. Oh well.

Alright, with all that said, I'm tired and really gotta get to bed. So long and good night.
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18 June 2006 @ 09:25 pm
So, I moved out last week. I now live with a friend who just graduate from High School. He's great. I'm looking forward to this summer, and living closer to school will be a big bonus come next Semester, even if I do still have to go to school. Luckily I can still visit my parents when occasion permits, or whim persists. As of now I am at my folks and just finished checking e-mail and other online endeavors. My laundry is done and I'm gonna go fold that.

In other news, I've also started working at Costco last week and am enjoying myself. It's great pay with better benefits, and no less than 25 hours a week. Match that Home Depot. HA!!

Well, so long and good night.
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14 May 2006 @ 10:20 am
So this morning I had my brother accompany me and we drove the cars around for a bit. Sure enough, the van went off when we got the car near it. We tried two things. One, parking the van and driving the car near to the other. Then driving the van near the car. It's interesting. My brother thinks it's something to do with the old alarm system on the van having been near the car one in the driveway. I'm inclined to agree, but I think there's more to it than that. Anyways, we'll see what happens.
14 May 2006 @ 02:23 am
So, I have come to the conclusion that there is something seriously wrong with one of the family vehicles. The van to be specific, however, it may not be it's fault. Something is possessed, or there are strange electro-magnetic fields or something going on. Anyways, the alarm on out van started going off yesterday morning, but it wasn't on, and hasn't been for about a year. It happened when my dad was moving our car over to the other side of the driveway next to the van. Alarm just started going crazy. Then after he parked it there, it continued going off randomly. We finally pulled the fuse for the alarm and I went to work. Nothing, no problem all day long. I think it's fine now.

This evening, we're at a closing party for choir, my parents are there. Me and my friends decide to leave after only about 20 minutes there. As we leave the driveway, the alarm goes off. No horn, fuse is pulled, but the lights on the dash, and in the car flash a few times. WHILE I'M DRIVING THE THING!! Then after an evening of driving, shopping, sitting around talking by the car, et cetera, I head home. I arrive home, park the van next to the car, turn it off, and am about to get out when the alarm once again goes flashy flashy. I decided to save the battery in the van and so I park the van away from the car. Then I get to thinking. I'm pretty sure that I may have passed my parents car while leaving the party. That likely could have triggered it. But how likely is it that all of a sudden the two cars don't like each other, or whatever. I'm a little weirded out by the whole thing and am going to attempt to understand the ramifications of what is going on.

Expect updates as they come.
30 April 2006 @ 09:37 pm
Here's the lyrics to a set of songs I'm singing with my School Chorale.
After this semester, I'm not sure I'm going to be in a Chorale again. I like Church choirs, I like Ensemble Groups, but the term Chorale, whatever it may mean, has now a bitter taste for me.
So with out further ado, here is.

**Set of three
**By Cecil Effinger

**From “New and Selected Poems”
**By Thomas Hornsby Ferrill

**Trial by Time**

Out of the old transgressions of the seas we come,
Encroachments of the land,
No vestige of beginning,
No prospect of an end.

Salt of the blood is ocean bathing still
Each cell of brain and heart
Burning uphill

Out of the tide-slime Credulous we come,
Singing our latest God stabbed and perfumed,
Springing the eye of the enemy from the socket,
Building a ladder to a broken bird,
Meadow and mine to the pocket,
Dream to the word.

Out of the sluggard butcheries we come,
Cowering so at night in a white cold sweat,
Staring at hills and lovers,
Staring at hills and lovers,
Yet strange with a fairer courage,
To us of all beasts given,
To meet with flaking hair and nostril numb

The ice-long ice-long dreams of peace on earth
Somewhere on earth,
Or peace in heav’n.

**This Trial**

We may have been coming up a misty spring,
A summer of long fire, some autumn
When those mountains over there were first thrown up
To make a purple windrow,
But we needn’t talk of the breaking down of a skull or blossom,
Or whether the hair lives longer than the heart,
Or how improbable it always was that we should ever walk this trail together.
This is no night for winding clocks.
I love you.

**Inner Song While Watching a Square Dance**

Calico, cantle, scythe and snath,
Meadow, mountain, river path,
Swing on your corner like swingin’ on a gate,
Now to your own if you’re not too late,

The blood of you, The blood of you In every state:
Blood of your temple, wrist and thigh coursing imperceptibly
Wherever they stop at a filling station,
Wherever they beg to renew a note,
Wherever the sundown makes you love
And the new moon grips your throat.

Do-cie-doe your lipstick,
Swing your corner ladee,
Promenade your cigarette
And swing her twice around!

Promenade, O promenade,
Oregon and Everglade….
And the dance goes on and the dance goes on,
And the centuries go bare, Go bare
But around the ring you walk, walk, walk,
And you skip, skip, skip,
And you run, run, run,
And your permanent wave is melting down,
Is melting down, is melting down
And your white gardenia’s edging brown,
Is edging brown, is edging brown,

One little two little three little injuns…
White gardenias edging brown,
Pale Comanches in the moonlight,
Pinto ponies in the moonlight,
Four little five little six little injuns…
Hurry, take my hand!
Hurry, take my hand!
One little two little three little injuns
Four little five little six little injuns
Hurry, take my hand!

The white gardenia will not stay,
Her feet are far-off clover hay,
The gear-shift knob that molds her palm
Is long away, Is long away,
Her hair is wind, her hair is gay,

He swings her twice around:
The phosphor of the ranges feels
The juice of corn lands in her heels,
Her throat has sung the seas apart
And all the hills are in her heart,
All the cities, every state
Now to your own if you’re not too late
And the dance goes on
And the blood goes on
Till the constellations burn you down
And O it’s dark, and O it’s dark,
And O it’s dark from here to town
Now to your own if you’re not too late!
24 April 2006 @ 04:42 pm
I think my Palm Pilot might be possessed. It reset it's self last Wednesday while residing in my pocket, and I lost all data. Luckily I had just backed it all up before heading outside. Then after some more frustrations, it seemed to reset and shut it's self down for the weekend. I couldn't get the thing to turn on, no matter what. Then last night after trying to find a tiny sized screwdriver with which I'd open the back up, (thus voiding my non-existent warranty. It's e-Bay bought.) I failed in finding said screwdriver anywhere in the house. My parents were asleep, otherwise I would have tried looking for one of their glasses repair kit. Finally giving up for the night with both the idea of breaking into it's guts, or replacing it with a brand newly ordered online from the factory replacement, the thing decided to turn it's self on. I'll knock on wood here, but it seems to be working just fine now. Apart from it's usual quirks. I of course decided to thank the Father of all Spirits before I turned in for the evening. I'm just glad that He does answer prayers.

p.s. Thanks El for the pic. :)
06 April 2006 @ 12:41 am
well, I've been talking to some people about starting a self-help group lately. It would be similar to the AA layout, or Alcoholics Anonymous. However, it would be for procrastinators. I'm just not sure when I would do this. If people want to join, let me know. like send an e-mail or something when you get around to it. I may even eventually send out updates. Who knows, one day we may actually get a group of people together who want to become better. I think I'd call it Procrast-Anon. I'm not sure that I really need something like this though. I already am a professional Crastinator. Heck, it's taken me about fifteen minutes just to type this up. Maybe it's not so much that I'm a procrastinator, I just do lots of things at once, and usually end up spending more time on things that I enjoy.

So speaking of help groups. I followed a link from one of my favorite sites, Howard Tayler's Schlock Mercenary, http://www.schlockmercenary.com/
He did a guest strip over at Ugly Hill - http://www.uglyhill.com/d/20060406.html
Check it out. I know you'll laugh.
04 April 2006 @ 11:38 pm
I hate the rain for a multiple of reasons. Firstly, I get to use the family Caravan which in the rain has a tendency to have a slipped serpentine belt. However, I just need to avoid hitting big puddles that'll splash up into the engine. The main other reason for disliking the rain is when I forget my coat and have to run around and get soaked. Other than that, I could probably live in Seattle.

Today however, was crazy. The roads around here are terrible. I didn't mind driving on the new stretches that were just completed in the last few months or so. Most of the rest of the roads however, have had small jobs done on them, are half finished construction projects, or have bumps and cracks and potholes that a seive would envy. These conditions don't make for good rainy driving. Sadly, after my choir rehearsal tonight, that's what I had to do. Of course I had to pick my coat up at a friends house since I left it there the other day. I may not have even had it if it was at home, as it was so nice and warm this morning. As they say though, such is life.
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